Dog parks in Brooklyn: Hillside, Prospect Park, Owls Head, Fort Greene, and McCarren

Brooklyn is a great place to own a dog, but apartment living can sometimes be hard on hyperactive canines. Let your pooch stretch his or her legs sans leash at one of these parks.


In Fort Greene Parkyour pup can run free in Brooklyn’s oldest park before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m. during open hours. Most owners gather with their dogs near the corner of DeKalb and Washington Avenues, where there’s also a canine water fountain available. Just be sure to keep your pooch off the tennis courts. Off-leash hours.

Bull dog relaxing in the park photo courtesy of Thiago L. via Foursquare.


hillside-dog-park-brooklyn-heightsHillside Dog Park | Jennifer K. via Yelp

Hillside Dog Park
A short walk away from the Brooklyn Bridge, is a spacious, sloping park with has more than two acres of wood-chip-coated space for dogs to run around in. There are both canine and human drinking fountains for you and your dog to hydrate, and picnic tables where you can relax in the shade. Always off-leash.


Prospect-park-bull-dog-brooklynSam playing in Prospect Park | David S. via Yelp

Prospect Park
If your pooch is trained to respond to voice commands and you don’t mind a lack of fences, Prospect Park is your paradise. From 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. everyday, three areas of this sprawling green space are off-leash: the Long Meadow, the Nethermead and the Peninsula. Bonus: The Long Meadow also boasts Dog Beach, a fenced-off area of a pond where your canine can swim. Off-leash hours.


owls-head-dog-run-park-brooklyn-bay-ridgeRunning at Owls Head Park | Hector A. via Yelp

Owls Head Park Dog Run
This dirt-covered spot in Bay Ridge may not be the fanciest—there’s no running water and it abuts the highway — but at 150 feet long and 40 feet wide, it offers plenty of space for your dog to get his ya-yas out. Always off-leash.


mccarren-dog-park-run-williamsburg-brooklynAll of the puppies playing at McCarren | Cris via Foursquare

McCarren Park Dog Run
Centrally located in Williamsburg, this dog run is as much a place to people-watch as it is to mutt-watch. The spot features separate sections for smaller and larger dogs, so you won’t have to worry about your toy poodle getting jumped by a mastiff. It’s not a huge area, but there are benches for sitting and water bowls for dogs. Always off-leash.


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