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Bed-Vyne Wine

370 Tompkins Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216

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DRINK LOCAL WEEK PROMOTION (October 20th - 26th)
• 10% discount on all NYS bottles of wines and spirits.

Bed-Vyne is collaboration between Brooklyn wine enthusiasts who want to enhance and simplify the wine-purchasing process. We possess a passion for art, food and wine and organize our wines by taste to create an exciting experience that provides pleasure and education simultaneously.

Bed-Vyne is a boutique wine shop in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. The shop specializes in finding the right wine for the individual with an inventory that not only reflects the diversity of the neighborhood, but also has low, medium and high price points in each category.

Bed-Vyne is a fusion of artists from all over the world. We have wines that are made from grapes harvested based on the phases of the moon, artwork that rotates on a monthly basis, podcasts from local musicians and food pairings with personal chefs. At Bed-Vyne Wine, we are not just a shop, but a medium and an exchange of ideas!