4 of Park Slope’s best dive bars: South, Freddy’s Bar, Lucky 13, and High Dive


Last week, we wrote about the best dive bars in Williamsburg and Bushwick. In case you thought Park Slope was all sunlit brunch spots full of strollers — we’re here to prove you wrong. Here are four of the most unpretentious, fun, and reasonably priced bars to be found in the Slope.

Big Buck Hunter, board games, free popcorn, a patio, and a late-night menu that includes grilled cheese and a PB&J with jalapeños — what more can you ask from a neighborhood bar?


freddys-bar-ladies-room-park-slopeThe very decorative ladies room at Freddy’s Bar | Amanda H. via Yelp

Freddy’s Bar
Forced to relocate from Prospect Height to South Slope by Barclays Center, Freddy’s packed up years of knickknacks and kitsch and re-emerged as a new old neighborhood favorite. There are comedy nights and other events in the back room, and you can order a patty melt or a Nathan’s hot dog, alongside your very reasonably priced drink.


lucky-13-bar-park-slopePretty much explains the vibe at Lucky 13 | Alyssa N. via Yelp

Lucky 13
Famous for its metal-heavy jukebox and White Trash Special — a PBR and a shot of whiskey for $6 — Lucky 13 also has a large selection of absinthe, which is not a dive bar standard, at least not in this century. You can also order a vegan White Russian, and on some nights there are pole dancers. 


high-dive-bar-happy-hour-sign-park-slopeHappy Hour on the back patio! | via High Dive

High Dive
This is a solid neighborhood bar with a backyard, free popcorn and lots of beer to choose from. It’s not a dumpy dive, but it is the kind of straightforward bar that can be hard to find in a city filled with $15 handcrafted cocktails.


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