4 of the best sandwich shops in Brooklyn: Lincoln Station, Defonte’s, David’s Brisket House, and Meltkraft

There’s nothing quite like a perfectly crafted sandwich, and Brooklyn has plenty of them. From a fancy grilled cheese to a classic pastrami to an all veggie option, it’s hard to go wrong with a Brooklyn sandwich if you know where to look.

lincoln-station-crown-heights-brooklyn-pulled-pork-sandwich Pulled pork sandwich at Lincoln Station | via Facebook

Lincoln Station (Prospect Heights)
This sandwich shop/cafe in Prospect Heights, run by the folks behind al di la’ trattoria and Bar Corvo, is always busy. Alongside its coffee, beer, wine, pastries, and prepared food offerings is a very serious sandwich menu. Vegetarians love the Braised Kale Sandwich (kale and fava bean puree) while meat eaters gravitate toward the Rotisserie Chicken (mayo, parsley, capers, red onion and garlic), the Porchetta (rotisserie pork, mayo, mustard, horseradish sauce, arugula), and the Pulled Pork (house kimchi, cucumber, mayo). Sandwiches are served simply on trays — grab a beer, and you’ve got the perfect casual lunch.


meltkraft-valley-shepherd-creamery-south-slope-grilled-cheese-melter-skelter-brooklyn The Melter Skelter at Meltkraft | via Facebook

Meltkraft (South Slope)
Meltkraft specializes in the grilled cheese sandwich, and the owner only uses fresh Valley Shepherd Creamery farmstead cheese from his own farm. The menu is made up of seven different sandwiches alongside extra options — tomato, garlic rub, grilled in bacon fat, grilled in duck fat, etc. One of the most popular picks, pictured above, is the Melter Skelter, made with raclette-style, raw Jersey cow milk cheese, and green tomatoes and barbecue chips. Other options include a classic grilled cheese or a cheddar and brisket sandwich.


defontes-red-hook-sandwich-shop-brooklyn-eggplant Fried eggplant, peppers, and provolone sandwich | J K via Yelp

Defonte’s (Red Hook)
Defonte’s is considered one of the all-time best sandwich shops not just in Brooklyn, but in all of New York City. This old-school Italian deli has been open in a remote area of Red Hook since 1922. And man, is it worth the trip. Sandwich lovers order the thinly sliced roast beef, fried eggplant, and mozzarella sandwich, but there are many, many ways to order here. Capicola, salami, and mozzarella; shrimp parmigiana hero; even the simple egg and potato sandwich is taken to another level. Prices are reasonable, and sandwiches come in two sizes — large and humungous.


davids-brisket The Pastrami sandwich at David’s Brisket House | Lex X. via Yelp

David’s Brisket House (Bedford-Stuyvesant)
The pastrami sandwich is considered a New York classic, and they do it just right at David’s Brisket House. This Jewish deli is actually run by Muslims, in a neighborhood not known for its pastrami offerings. The sandwiches, stuffed with either pastrami, brisket, or corned beef (best ordered on rye), are simply on point and considered a deal compared to more famous pastrami joints. This is a casual, no-frills spot with fast service and heaping portions.


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