Pizza in Brooklyn Part 2: Lucali, Barboncino Pizza, Carmine’s Pizzeria, Gino’s Restaurant, and Fornino

(Updated – Nov 17, 2016)

You may have already ate your heart out at these nine excellent pizzerias in Brooklyn, but you shouldn’t stop there. Brooklyn has a number of other great pizza restaurants that take this New York tradition to a whole new level. Here are five more of our favorite spots that aren’t to be missed.


Lucali (Carroll Gardens)
It’s impossible not to fall hard for Lucali, both for the pizza and the atmosphere. This cozy, perpetually packed restaurant, in a charming brownstone block of Cobble Hill, serves up a simple menu. Plain, thin crust pizza served with a heap of basil — you do have an option to order extra toppings, but you don’t need to — and calzones. It’s also BYOB. You can usually catch the owner in the back, kneading dough or spreading fresh mozzarella. There’s often a two-hour wait here, and it’s recommended that you arrive right when it opens at 6 pm. Most pizza lovers — including local pizza expert Sean Taylor — will tell you that Lucali is well worth the wait.

Lucali pizza photo courtesy of Randi F. via Yelp.


Margherita, Eggplant Zucchini, and Meatball pizza at Barboncino | via Facebook

Barboncino Pizza (Crown Heights)
Barboncino is easily the best place to get pizza on Franklin Avenue, the bustling main drag of Crown Heights. It dubs itself a Neapolitan pizza restaurant and bar, and the pies here are cooked in a brick oven. (That means you’ll get a little char on your pizza crust.) Alongside the classic pies, there are a few unique pizza offerings  — the adventurous among you may opt for the Artichoke and Smoked Pancetta or the Cherry Stone Clams pizzas. Whatever you pick, it’s going to be good. There’s also a satisfying array of appetizers and salads, not to mention a brunch menu.


Carmine’s Pizza choices | via Facebook

Carmine’s Pizzeria (Williamsburg)
Carmine’s Pizzeria is a Williamsburg mainstay and was in the neighborhood long before the hip restaurants and condo buildings. The joint may be short on ambiance but it serves up filling, delicious pan pizza like the Buffalo Chicken Pie, Hawaiian Pie, and Chicken Caesar Pie. Or, if you’re more of a purist, their classic plain slice is delicious. Simply put, this is one of the best classic New York pizza joints in North Brooklyn.


Heaping amount of toppings at Gino’s | via Facebook

Gino’s Restaurant (Bay Ridge)
If you want a classic Italian, New York pizza experience, go to Gino’s. This sit-down restaurant has been open in the Italian neighborhood of Bay Ridge for 50 years. Gino’s serves up excellent, classic pizzas including the Sicilian Pie, the Grandma Pie, and an Italian Eggplant Pie. (Don’t worry — you can order by the slice.) Their large menu also includes calzones, heroes, salads, and lots of traditional Italian plates. It’s a great place to take a large group that may want to order more than pizza — although you should definitely get some pizza.


Fornino pies | via Facebook

Fornino (Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
Fornino has locations on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, and at a large, fancy concession stand inside Brooklyn Bridge Park. The pizzas, cooked in a wood-burning oven, are separated into three categories: Naples, First Generation; Italy, the Second Generation; and Fornino, the Third Generation. You’ll be able to order something simple like a Margherita pie alongside more adventurous toppings like anchovy, Brussels sprouts, chicken sausage, and artichoke hearts. The variety of pies is impressive, and worth many return visits. And if you’re looking for a new brunch option, Fornino even serves pizza with eggs.


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