Where to watch NBA All-Star Games in Fort Greene, Downtown Brooklyn, and Clinton Hill

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The 2015 NBA All-Star weekend is coming to New York City, and the best places to catch all the games and contests are live at Madison Square Garden or Barclays Center. If you’re not shelling out for those tickets, however, these bars and restaurants are all tied for second place. There will be big TVs, drink specials, fun food, and you can get up to use the bathroom without knocking over your neighbor’s popcorn.


Downtown Brooklyn

— Livingston Manor Bar has local beers on tap and a beautiful cocktail list.

— If you’re looking for some munchies while you watch the games, head to Rocco’s Tacos, where they also have 100 types of Tequila.

— Hill Country BBQ Market has Texas-style BBQ to snack on during the games.

— Brownstone Bar & Restaurant has crab cakes and other must-try appetizers.

— Grab some classic cheesecake at Junior’s Restaurant.

Photo courtesy of Rocco’s Tacos Facebook.


black-forest-brooklyn-restaurant-nba-gamesBlack Forest Restaurant

Fort Greene

— Black Forest Restaurant is a biergarten known for its regional specialties and German beers on tap. They will be showing the NBA All Star games on their 13-foot HD screen.

— DSK Brooklyn‘s NBA All-Star viewing party comes fully equipped with 18 authentic German beers on tap.

— Frank’s Cocktail Lounge, a soulful spot for over 40 years, will also be viewing the NBA games all weekend.



buka-brooklyn-nyc-sports-barSports viewing party at BUKA

Clinton Hill

— BUKA is a popular spot for sports events, with the games typically projected across the lounge wall. Be sure to grab some authentic Nigerian dishes, signature cocktails, or a 24 oz. beer to celebrate the games.

— Hops Hill has 12 rotating taps and a well-curated bottle list. Check their beer menu so you’re ready for game weekend.


chance-11-brooklyn-restaurant-nba-gamesChance 11’s bar

— Mullanes Bar & Grill has everything you need pre-game, post-game, and every game in-between. They’ll be showing NBA All Star games on 9 HDTVs.

— Grab some small plates and drinks at the cozy Chance 11 bar. The games will be displayed on 8 LCD TVs.



Businesses Mentioned Above

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