Celebrate the Brighton Beach tradition of Victory Day, Sunday, May 3



Victory Day has been celebrated at Brighton Beach for years. It’s the day of honoring the veterans of World War II – the Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians and other nationalities of the former Soviet Union who won the Great Victory against fascist Germany. Now they live in America and have become American citizens. But every year they celebrate the day when they liberated not only their country but all of Europe, where they fought against fascists side by side with their allies, American soldiers.



This year, the event will be held on Sunday, May 3, to welcome families and encourage them to spend time outdoors, enjoy the warm weather, music, food and flowers. According to tradition, grateful family members and neighbors present veterans with flowers.



The celebration of Victory Day in Brighton starts with the veterans parade, who proudly wear their medals of honor and march in a column greeted by a crowd of people who gather to cheer for them, and honor their heroism. It’s a very touching experience — lots of children will be offering flowers as a show of gratitude for their elders.


Everyone is invited to take part in the celebration of Victory Day at Brighton Beach. Bring your family and kids for the fun and festive activities: performances, music, ethnic food and beverages, a fashion show, books and souvenirs, and gifts and prizes. Then stroll down the famous Brighton Beach boardwalk for all of the activities, restaurants, and celebrations.


All photos courtesy of Brighton Beach Show Facebook.