Where to get nachos in Brooklyn: Gueros, Maya Taqueria, Ho’Brah Taco Joint, and more

This Tex-Mex treat is the ultimate cheesy, melty, crunchy comfort food. They’re also a great excuse to order (multiple) margaritas. Advisory Warning: It’s imperative that they be made correctly. A bad plate of nachos will only make you sad. Here are five Brooklyn spots that know how to harness the power of the ‘cho.


Güeros (Crown Heights)
This cheerful Tex-Mex restaurant is famous for its tacos. They also make some of the best nachos in Brooklyn. What to expect: a glorious pile of fresh-fried tortilla chips smothered in Güeros’ signature queso, sour cream, pico de gallo, and avocado. Prefer your nachos meaty? Add grilled chicken or steak. Bonus: Their stellar frozen margaritas are made with fresh juice.

Güeros photo courtesy of Tashana B. via Yelp.


Maya-Taqueria-Brooklyn-Carne-Asada-NachosMaya Taqueria | Christopher G. via Yelp

Maya Taqueria (Prospect Heights)
We spend a lot of time daydreaming about Maya Taqueria’s devilishly caloric Super Nachos (homemade tortilla chips, guacamole, sour cream, and meat). This cheery neighborhood joint also wins points for its extensive salsa bar and sweet backyard patio.


Hobrah-Taco-Joint-Brooklyn-Beef-NachosHo’Brah Taco Joint | Joseph A. via Yelp

Ho’Brah Taco Joint (Bay Ridge)
Dreaming of SoCal-style eats? A trip to Ho’Brah —named after the Hawaiian pidgin/surfer slang for “Check it out, dude” — is cheaper than a ticket to San Diego. The Bay Ridge surfer-inspired taco spot has authentic grub, a beachy atmosphere, and margaritas served in frosted Mason jars. Their addictive nachos can be ordered with a range of tropical toppings, including sunset pork, grilled fish, or spicy diablo shrimp.


Taqueria-De-Los-Muertos-Brooklyn-NachosTaqueria De Los Muertos | Reana K. via Yelp

Taqueria De Los Muertos (Prospect Heights)
Taqueria de los Muertos serves flavorful Mexican cuisine to the Prospect Heights set. It’s colorful, unpretentious, and a must-visit for any nacho lover. Their meal-sized Super Nachos come smothered in lime-lavished guacamole and layers of cheese. You can choose from four types of beans and a host of carnivore-friendly toppings, including tongue, chicken, and pork.


Taco-Chulo-Brooklyn-Nachos-ChulosTaco Chulo | Thailine A. via Yelp

Taco Chulo (Williamsburg)
Taco Chulo (which translates roughly as “handsome taco,” “cool taco” or “taco pimp”) is our go-to Williamsburg nacho spot. Their Nachos Chulos are the ultimate guilty pleasure. They pile on the toppings (chile con queso, pickled jalapeños, refried pinto beans, crema, pico de gallo) and aren’t stingy with the guacamole. Insider Tip: Don’t leave without trying the Paloma. The classic Mexican cocktail features a winning combination of tequila, lime, triple sec, and Jarritos grapefruit soda.


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