Food coops in Brooklyn: Park Slope, Greene Hill, Flatbush, and more

With skyrocketing real estate prices and a growing interest in sustainable groceries, it’s no wonder food coops are cropping up all over Brooklyn. We’ve found six organizations where sweat equity pays healthy dividends.


Greene Hill Food Coop (Clinton Hill)
The Greene Hill Food Coop is located in Clinton Hill near the neighborhoods of Fort Greene, Bedford Stuyvesant and Prospect Heights. It requires members to donate 2 hours and 30 minutes of labor every four weeks and offers significantly lower prices than for-profit grocery stores.

Greene Hill Food Coop photo courtesy of Facebook.


park-slope-food-coop-brooklyn-meatsGrass-fed meats at Park Slope Food Coop | ImaYesfa N via Yelp

Park Slope Food Coop (Park Slope)
Park Slope Food Coop, founded in 1973, runs on member labor, requiring a 2 hour, 45 minute contribution every four weeks from each adult in a participating household. Not only does the Park Slope Food Coop provide members with great prices on nutritious food, it also collects donations to start other food coops throughout the area.


Flatbush-Food-CoopFlatbush Food Coop | Nike C. via Yelp

Flatbush Food Coop (Ditmas Park)
The Flatbush Food Coop was founded in 1976, is dedicated to selling wholesome, organic and locally sourced foods. Unlike some of the other coops, everyone is welcome to shop at the Flatbush coop and anyone can join, and membership comes with a host of benefits, including dividends at the end of profitable years.


Bushwick-Food-CoopFruits and snacks at Bushwick Food Coop

Bushwick Food Coop (Bushwick)
The Bushwick Food Coop has been serving its community since 2012. Its goal is to offer reasonably priced, healthy foods, especially local produce, while backing a sustainable agriculture and food system that supports farmers and companies trying to grow and distribute food in an ethical and sustainable manner.


windsor-terrace-food-coop-brooklyn-nycWindsor Terrace Food Coop via Facebook

Windsor Terrace Food Coop (Windsor Terrace)
When Windsor Terrace residents found out in 2012 that their only large grocery was closing, they decided to do something about it, and the recently opened Windsor Terrace Food Coop was born. Its focus is on healthy, organic, locally sourced, and cruelty-free food.


lefferts-gardens-community-food-coop-brooklynLefferts Community Food Coop via Facebook

Lefferts Community Food Coop (Lefferts Gardens)
The Lefferts Community Food Coop aims to encourage healthy food practices and to foster environmentally responsible activities while serving residents of Flatbush, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, and Crown Heights. It is member-owned and operated, but open to all.


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