Cozy whiskey bars in Williamsburg and Greenpoint: Noorman’s Kil, The Moonlight Mile and more

There are a great many things to love about the winter months. Chief among them? Sipping on some good whiskey. Here are a few places in Williamsburg and Greenpoint where you can get your fill of quality liquor to warm your bones during the season.

Noorman's Kil

Noorman’s Kil (Williamsburg)
This hip hangout knocks it out of the park with a unique pairing of premium whiskey and grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, you can basically reconnect with your inner seven-year old while quaffing any of the 400 brands of whiskey the bar has on their menu. The space is elegant without being too pretentious, right down to the sleek mahogany of the bar top.

Noorman’s Kil photo courtesy of Marie L. via Yelp.


The Moonlight MileThe Moonlight Mile | Shawn L. via Yelp

The Moonlight Mile (Greenpoint)
This next spot is on a quiet corner of Greenpoint and has seen a steady stream of patrons who have become smitten with the place since 2014. The Moonlight Mile feels like a gentle embrace from the moment you walk through the doors. The bar features a vast selection of American whiskey clocking in at 200 in total, plus a special “hotwinter” menu that includes a delicious hot toddy. Add to that mix a genuine jukebox and you may be here for the whole of a lazy afternoon.


Post Office BarPost Office Bar | amanda k. via Yelp

Post Office Bar (South Williamsburg)
Paying homage to a novel by famed poet/drinker Charles Bukowski, this bar a stones’ throw from the Peter Luger Steakhouse is run by the team behind the acclaimed Death & Co. lounge. Post Office Bar features close to 100 brands of whiskey and offers a select cocktail menu and raw oyster bar in a setting that’s both soothing and rustic.


The Whiskey BrooklynThe Whiskey Brooklyn | Gregory D. via Foursquare

The Whiskey Brooklyn (Williamsburg)
If you’re looking for a party atmosphere to go with that tumbler of whiskey, look no further than this bar that’s become a fixture of the Williamsburg area. Specialized whiskey flights with airline-inspired nicknames plus a hearty food menu make The Whiskey Brooklyn a prime spot for fun times. The skeeball and arcade games don’t hurt either.


thecraic-whiskey-brooklyn-nyc-barsInterior Barroom | The Craic via Yelp

The Craic (Williamsburg)
Billed as the first Irish/Scottish bar in the country, The Craic— from the Irish term for a good time and lively conversation — offers a menu that gives patrons the best aged whiskey from both countries, as well as choice selections from the U.S. Another aspect of the pub’s appeal is a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for sports lovers.


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