Develop film and photos in Brooklyn: DiJiFi, Bushwick Community Darkroom, and more

Over the past two decades, film photography has been in decline. Digital cameras, the advent of high-resolution camera apps on smart phones—all have combined to push real film to the margins. Nevertheless, there are dozens of reasons true photo-philes still love shooting on film; they cite everything from HDR (Higher Dynamic Range) to the permanence of the finished product to the happy accidents of double exposure. Below are places we’ve found that develop film with the attention to detail true shutterbugs respect.


Bushwick Community Darkroom (Bushwick)
For those who want to print their own photography, there is the Bushwick Community Darkroom. A variety of membership levels entitles subscribers to dark room access, lockers, and even the option to participate in the annual Bushwick Open Studios Member Showcase (for lifetime members). There are also classes and events for those eager to learn more.

Brooklyn Community Darkroom photo courtesy of Yelp.


DiJiFiDiJiFi photo via Facebook

DiJiFi (Greenpoint)
If your goal is to transfer existing work, DiJiFi is a high-quality Brooklyn-based digitization company that turns old analog media (film, photos, videotapes, audio, etc.) into digital files. Started in a one-bedroom apartment in 2007, DiJiFi has won acclaim from customers for its professionalism and attention to detail.


PhotorealPhotoreal | Boris M. Via Yelp

Photoreal One Hour Photo (Brooklyn Heights)
Film and single-use camera developing at this Brooklyn Heights shop get kudos for being inexpensive. But the real draw is the passport photo service, which customers say is much better, faster, and friendlier than at some of the area’s chain stores.


Accurate Photo Shop

Accurate Photo Shop (Park Slope)
Accurate Photo Shop is located in the south slope and offers 30 minute developing for 35mm, 120/220mm, and Advantix formats, and two-hour processing for BW and slides. Customers rave about the service and attention to detail at this family owned business.


Vivid Photo Inc.Vivid Photo | Mika J. via Foursquare

Vivid Photo Inc. (Midwood)
Not only does this one-stop shop provide reasonably priced one-hour developing and printing, it also digitizes existing photos and can print photos in a variety of formats, including poster-sized and canvas. It’s also a great place to create gifts, with framing and album services and printing on objects such as crystal, jewelry, and mugs.


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