Brooklyn-made spirits: Breuckelen Distilling, Uncouth Vermouth, Brooklyn Gin, and more

In the spirit of farm-to-table cuisine, Brooklyners are now discovering distillery-to-glass imbibing, taking advantage of the explosion of local entrepreneurs plying their wares in local stores and speakeasies. Here are some Kings County spirits worth sampling.


Breuckelen Distilling (Park Slope) began distilling gin and whiskey in 2010 and has quickly catapulted to the top of many lists of new distillers. The distillery mostly uses organic grains from a farm near Newfield, New York. Rosemary, lemon, ginger, and grapefruit accompany the juniper berries in the distillery’s Glorious Gin.

Breukelen Distilling photo via Facebook.


Uncouth-Vermouth-BeetsBeets for eucalyptus liqueur via Facebook

Uncouth Vermouth (Red Hook)
Uncouth Vermouth maintains its commitment to sustainability by either foraging its ingredients from untouched areas or purchasing them from farms that don’t practice modification. Uncouth’s current round of apéritifs includes apple mint, beet eucalyptus, and pear ginger.


brooklyn-gin-spiritsBrooklyn Gin via Facebook

Brooklyn Gin
Brooklyn Gin is mixed in small batches using hand-cracked juniper berries and fresh fruit peels to make a superb distilled gin with floral and citrus notes. Describing themselves as “three guys with one copper pot still,” the owners behind Brooklyn Gin say it takes three days to make 300 bottles of their gin. Check their website on where to purchase or have a cocktail of Brooklyn Gin.


Industry-City-Distillery-SoursIndustry Sours via Facebook

Industry City Distillery (Sunset Park)
This Industry City Distillery is more proof of the revitalization of the Sunset Park waterfront. Book a tour on Saturdays at 3, or visit the tasting room Fridays and Saturdays from 4 to 10 p.m. The distillery’s Industry Standard and Technical Reserve vodkas have been rated among the country’s best newcomers.


Cacao-PrietroDistillery photo via Cacao Pietro 

Cacao Prieto (Red Hook)
Cacao Prieto was founded by Daniel Prieto Preston, an inventor whose family has farmed cacao in the Dominican Republic for more than a century. They specialize in bean-to-bottle spirits, including Widow Jane Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Don Estaban Cacao Liqueur, and Don Rafael Cacao Rum.


Kings-County-DistilleryKings County Distillery’s offerings via Facebook

Kings County Distillery (Fort Greene)
The names Kings County Distillery gives its products speak volumes about the outfit’s commitment to simplicity and clarity: Moonshine, Bourbon, and—slightly more out of leftfield—Chocolate Whiskey. Kings County offers tours and events at its historic Navy Yard building.


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