Scenic Brooklyn Fall Strolls

Fall is the perfect time to head outside, enjoy the last few warm days in the sun and soak in the many colors of fall. While we may be living in the concrete jungle, there are many oases of gardens, treelined streets and yes, even beautiful, historic cemeteries to visit this season. As you head out the door ready to soak up the many stunning colors of fall, do not forget to bring your camera or smartphone to snap some great photos!

Prospect Park

Courtesy: Prospect Park Alliance

The beautiful park, designed by the creative duo behind Central Park, is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Filled with local families, runners, ponies, cyclists, dogs and sports teams, the lively park’s environment shows how greenery and nature is appreciated in Brooklyn as much as it is in Manhattan. Recently turned completely car-free, Prospect Park is a safe, colorful and fun park filled with lawns, trees, ponds, a carousel, and even a three-mile running and biking course that snakes through the scenic park perfect for a fall foliage walk!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Courtesy: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This stunning 52-acre garden in the heart of Brooklyn, is a neighbor of the iconic Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park, which makes a perfect weekend day trip. Grab a map and stroll from garden to garden and through indoor climate rooms to the Japanese miniature tree gallery, or attend a Fall Splendor Tour led by the Botanic Garden’s engaging tour guides. Either way, you will have the chance to embrace the changing colors around you.

Cypress Hills Cemetery

Founded in 1848, this cemetery officially opened in 1851. It was the first cemetery in New York to be organized for “civilized burial of the dead.” Since then, the cemetery has become a 225-acre cemetery with beautifully developed land, featuring two three-story mausoleums, and chapels. Years of careful planning and maintenance have preserved the iconic aesthetic of the cemetery and continue to keep the same serenity of the grounds as that of the founders’ vision. Whether you wish to go for a scenic walk surrounded by fall colors or take a historic tour, you will see many notable names here. One of many notable burials is Jackie Robinson – the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball.

Green-Wood Cemetery


This National Historic Landmark was founded in 1838, and gained a reputation for its beauty as a prestigious place to be buried by the 1860s, attracting 500,000 visitors each year (then second in New York State in number of visits per year, after Niagara Falls!). Walk in these historic footsteps and look for iconic names on tombstones, such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, as you discover hills, valleys, ponds and paths stretching for 478 acres.


Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Courtesy: Off the G

Covered with large trees hunching over the promenade on one side and stunning views of the Brooklyn Bridge on the other, this stroll will allow you to soak in fall colors and crisp fall air, whether you are looking for a place to read on a sunny day or a place to walk with your family. The benches facing the East River on the 1,826-foot esplanade, the striking city views, and the neighborhood filled with iconic Brooklyn brownstones on tree lined streets in Brooklyn Heights make for great fall photography spots!

Greenpoint’s Kent Street

This picturesque half-mile street in Greenpoint is known for its colorful fall leaves, as it stretches from the film studios of Greenpoint to the WNYC Transmitter Park by the East River. While you take this scenic walk filled with trees, with colorful leaves raining down on you along the street, you will pass an array of sweet shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. If you walk the street toward the East River, you will be able to warm up with some cocktails at Ramona Bar, or hot beverages and hot cookies at Ovenly!