Three Must See Artists at The Other Art Fair Brooklyn

The Other Art Fair is back in Brooklyn after a successful launch in the borough this past summer! Presented by Saatchi Art, the fair showcases art by 120 talented emerging artists, creating an art experience so colorful and inspirational, you will forget all about Fall’s darker days. We want to highlight three must see Brooklyn artists this weekend at the Brooklyn Expo Center.


Ilisa Katz Rissman

Rissman is a Brooklyn Navy Yard-based artist who uses the historic space to take photos, showcase her art to potential clients and think about her work. Living in Brooklyn Heights and letting her creative ideas flow only a short stone’s throw from home, she spoke her about her art, her background and why Brooklyn inspires her.

How would you describe your art?

“I have always used large format analog cameras and I love how this process helps create moments of vulnerability on both sides of the camera. While actively photographing the people and environments around me for years, I’ve attempted to make better sense of my connection to them and to our anarchic world. As time passes and physical changes are recorded, I will also – in equal measure – use my own childhood and memories as a catalyst with which to imprint a point of view. Contradictions are everywhere. Although I aim to create something beautiful through formal elements, I am also attracted to explore what’s edgy that lays beneath the surface.”

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What in Brooklyn inspires you as an artist?

“The energy and community of Brooklyn is endlessly inspiring to me. It’s the place where my kids have grown, many of my friends live, and my family has evolved.”


What is the piece of art or achievement you are most proud of?

“Whenever a shoot ends and I see the film and there is something magical that pops out at me, I feel lucky and honored to have been there and open to receiving it.”

Anabel in our hotel. #capturingthemoment #lovethatgirl #magiclight

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What piece are you most excited to showcase at the Other Art fair? 

“I decided to show images from a couple bodies of work. The first are large scale photographs from a new series in which I’ve taken a different approach by shooting multiple exposures onto one sheet of film. The second set of photographs are portraits of girls and women taken over the course of many years. I decided to ‘reinvent’ the way I usually show them, by printing many smaller than I usually do, and framing them more traditionally, so they appear as a wall of intimate family photos.”


To view more of Ilisa Katz Rissman’s art, please visit her website and of course, see her art live at The Other Art Fair!




George Underwood

An alumnus of the School of Visual Arts, Underwood lives in Carroll Gardens. Commuting to his studio in the artistic neighborhood of Greenpoint, known for its coffee shops and boutiques, Underwood finds inspiration in a renovated historic waterfront building. With large format art pieces, and a unique “Fireworks” piece printed on plexiglass and illuminated from behind, his art is bound to light up your Fall weekend.



How would you describe your art?

“Through a mixture of landscapes, scenes and self-portraits I explore the way we live and invite the viewer to revel in these moments and give permanence in the fleeting nature of modern day culture. I dive into ideas about growing up, time, nostalgia and feelings I feel as a person going through the transition into the post-information age. As we grow and consume more and more content, I aim to make images that make you stop and embrace the moment.”

“Pokemon Go”

What in Brooklyn inspires you as an artist?

“I have lived in Brooklyn for 11 years, in 8 different apartments, in 7 different neighborhoods. I’ve experienced and changed so much within that time that it has really shaped me into the person I am and informs my art. My work is so much about people and the way we feel and interact with each other, our devices and the world. In Brooklyn I can experience and relate to so many different people and I feel that brings a lot more perspective to my work.”

What is the piece of art or achievement you are most proud of?

“My proudest moment came when a few years ago I was part of the book The United States that was produced by Mossless. They needed funding and a print I made for their fundraising auction was what put them over their goal and the book was able to be produced.”

What piece are you most excited to showcase at the Other Art fair?

“I’m excited to have the light box. It’s the largest I have ever shown one of my pieces but I am also really excited about Cat – Joshua Tree – 2017 because it is one of my newest photographs. It captures this sense of hopelessness towards the classic “American Dream” that I think people are struggling with.”

“World Trade Center, Lower East Side”

For more of George Underwood’s art, please visit his website or booth number 20 at The Other Art Fair this weekend!



Gregory Reid

A Greenpoint resident for the past 10 years, Reid is happy to call the north Brooklyn neighborhood home. When preparing to create art, he strolls down the street to his studio, located only a few blocks from his apartment.  With a long resume of clients ranging from luxury cosmetics to colorful fashion brands, Reid truly knows how to make mesmerizing colorful art pieces.

Flora series by Gregory Reid

How would you describe your art?

“I like to think of my art as a new wave of pop art. Creating bold, graphic pieces that really focus on the design and sculptural nature of objects we are familiar with.”


What in Brooklyn inspires you as an artist? 

“I think the energy really inspires me. I’m close to everything New York has to offer, at the same time the laid-back vibe of my Brooklyn neighborhood allows me to become inspired creatively and feel like I am part of a smaller community. The floral shops around my neighborhood influenced me to create my Flora series, as I would always pass a beautiful array of foliage every time I went on a coffee break.”



What is the piece of art or achievement you are most proud of?

“I’m really proud of this piece “Flora 1”, the three bold roses just really resonate with me. This image won an award earlier this year for the PDN Photo Annual. I also shoot commercially and am always excited to see my work in the public whether it be in magazines or advertisements.”

Flora 1


What piece are you most excited to showcase at the Other Art fair?

“This piece is a new one for the show and am really excited with how it turned out. Flora 10

Flora 10

For more colorful art by Gregory Reid, please visit his website and booth at The Other Art Fair!



November 9-12, 2017

Brooklyn Expo Center

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