Brooklyn-Made Holiday Shopping Guide

The holiday shopping season is upon us, so let’s make this year unique with some local Brooklyn-Made products! The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has certified more than 300 businesses as “Brooklyn-Made” to date, placing their level of local production in gold, silver or bronze categories.

From technology and furniture, to apparel and food products, we’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas, whether you are looking for stocking stuffers or larger gifts to put under the tree!


Technology and Hardware

Bike Enchilada

Courtesy: Bike Enchilada

The Bike Enchilada is a Brooklyn-based company that’s making bike bags you can feel good about – everything you need for your cycling adventures in one place. Handmade in Brooklyn by trusted bag-making professionals out of waterproof upcycled vinyl banners, the Enchilada replaces your bulky, unwieldy and stealable seat bag with a slim wallet that holds all the tools you need. It fits perfectly in your jersey pocket, or can be put in your messenger bag for your commute. Get a Bike Enchilada here for $20!


Femenella Custom

Courtesy: Femenella Custom

Lou Femenella specializes in repairing, restoring and setting up new and vintage guitars, and making custom guitars in the tradition of Leo Fender’s 1950’s and early ’60’s designs. He also makes custom bell rests for the French horn. Femenella’s work shows the culmination of more than 40 years of being intimately involved with fine guitars and fine woodworking. He believes  that “the difference between fine craftsmanship and mass-marketed building, or time-constrained repair work, is like the difference between a silk purse and a plastic bag.” Get hold of a unique guitar, or get a musical loved one the guitar upgrade he’s/she’s been dreaming of! 


Makers Market

The goal of Makers Market is to create products that are modern, functional, pleasing to the eye, and thoughtful in every aspect of their fabrication. Their creation from environmentally friendly materials and local production in Brooklyn, are the two pillars behind their beautiful goods, suitable for year-round use. Whether you are looking to shop online, or visit one of Brooklyn’s many great holiday markets, you will find Makers Market present! View its website for more information on products and markets they will be part of.




Refoundry works hard for a better tomorrow, by aiming to reduce the 2.2 million U.S. prison population and 75 percent recidivism rate by empowering people most affected by our criminal justice system to transform their lives and become leaders and economic engines in their communities. Training formerly incarcerated people to repurpose discarded materials into home furnishings, Refoundry mentors these individuals into their own business owners or onto career tracks. As part of the curriculum, Refoundry provides transitional services, life skills training, financial education, and business principle training. With two pilot programs in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, its impact has been remarkable, as Refoundry has helped participants launch 10 total businesses that now employ over 150 people from their respective communities. Do good while shopping this season by supporting opportunities for success!



Posted by DeVore Fidelity on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

DeVORE FIDELITY’s goal is to create products that communicate the life-breath of music, so that you can enjoy every beat and tune of your favorite songs. The best audio equipment combines the art of aesthetics with the science of physics in such a way that each complements the other, and together yield a product far greater than the sum of its parts. Designed by John DeVore, a musician whose business started from wishing his own music would sound the best, truly knows what audio means to those who appreciate high-quality, locally-made audio products!


Furniture and Homegoods


Steve and Harry, the owners of Keap, say that “there’s a lot to love about scented candles—a fine fragrance and a flickering flame transform a space, take you on a journey and inspire you to power down.” But what truly sparked their candle business was the fact that finding a good candle that smelled good, looked good, and was affordable, was hard to come by. Inspired by their street name in Brooklyn, Keap grew as a fragrant collection of candles, with a purpose. Partnering with their friends at SolarAid, every candle Steve and Harry sell, “supports distribution costs to get the solar lamps to communities in need through their Buy a Candle, Light a Home program”! Keep your home bright for the holidays with these great Brooklyn-Made candles.

Copper Colored Gal

A colorful visual concept and home accessory designer, Alejandra Remijio is a New York City fashion industry veteran, inspired by the fashions of Mexico’s store windows in the 1950’s. Her mother’s vivid stories of the fabrics and fashions showcased in the 1950’s windows inspired the birth of a stunning line of table linens and accessories. Having fell in love with sewing machines in 7th grade, Remijio today creates all her designs by hand in Brooklyn! Check out her amazing designs and fun accessories here.


Phil Gautreau Wood Design

Phil Gautreau Wood Design is a contemporary wood furnishings and accessories company, that specializes in hand-turned wood vessels and gourmet wood serving boards made from highly figured and visually unique wood. Designs are sophisticated, modern and organic, created from locally sourced and reclaimed woods, perfect for a modern Brooklyn home. Get a beautiful staple piece in wood for holiday parties, or gift someone a unique Brooklyn-Made accessory!


btw Ceramics

These handmade porcelain goods are designed by Brooke T. Winfrey to enliven and enrich your table and freshen up your home. Winfrey approaches each piece as its own creation where irregularities are embraced and the moment to moment approach is captured. The unmistakable handmade feel of the pieces embraces the playfulness of clay and draws attention to the creation process. From each splash to every brushstroke, you can tell that each piece is uniquely made, allowing the artist’s hand to be proudly shown. Find your favorite piece here!


Noble Goods

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What makes the goods so noble? Owners Molly FitzSimons and Christopher Moore answer that “we know owning a fancy cheese board or coffee table isn’t going to change the world, but we still like to own them (and make them). To help bridge that divide, we donate a percentage of our annual profits to Habitat for Humanity, a charity that provides decent, affordable homes to people who need them.” The woods are sustainably sourced, and the goods are made locally by hand in Brooklyn, supporting the local community. From larger furniture pieces, to bright wooden accessories, Noble Goods will be a hit this holiday season.


Apparel and Accessories


Courtesy: Leungdesigns

These custom furniture designs are primarily for residential clients, with the company’s factory manufacturing its designs locally. Designer Nancy E. Leung’s designs are unique to suit the jewelry’s materials, in order to best create great fluid designs efficiently. Leungdesigns is a multi-disciplined design company focusing on the ‘simplicity of design’, based in Brooklyn. Form does follow function with her beautiful wearable designs, but as the German designer Hartmut Esslinger put it, ‘form should follow emotion’. View more of her designs here.


Winter Water Factory

Winter Water Factory is a Brooklyn-based design and manufacturing company specializing in screen printed textiles and organic kids’ clothing. Printed on soft organic cotton and fashioned into classic designs, the line has been a great success with retailers and consumers alike. Every item is crafted from 100 percent organic cotton and is made in the USA—from fabric to final stitch, and the tradition of creating fine products from all-natural resources continues here in Brooklyn!

“Oh, and about that weird name!” its website states. Well, the “original ‘Winterwasserfabrik’ was founded in the early 1980s in Eschweiler, Germany, where one of the owners of this company and her sister bottled melted snow and sold it to their parents as ‘winter water’.”


Wrecords By Monkey

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Wrecords by Monkey produces creative handcrafted jewelry, home goods, and tech from recycled records in Brooklyn, with a mission to get you inspired, smiling and enjoying your records in a whole new way! Having worked with SONY, Hard Rock Cafe, and more, Wrecords has earned the respect and praise of outlets such as Vogue and the Associated Press. See more exciting designs here!


Rafter T Kitchens

Courtesy: Rafter T

Rafter T produces a growing line of thoughtfully designed, durable and handsome aprons, as well as linen napkins, tablecloths and more. The company also works with chefs and restaurants to create custom aprons and uniforms, especially for staff. All Rafter T aprons and goods are made by hand in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with high-quality materials like American canvas, Japanese selvedge denim and European linens. The idea of “The Rafter T” name was originally given to founder Maggie Taylor’s great-grandparents cattle ranch in rural Idaho, and the logo takes its design from their cattle brand. See more designs and aprons here.


Since 1999, INSIDERS1 has created the highest-quality leather bags and accessories, with New York and Brooklyn-specific photography and art collages in print for sale. Whether you are looking for an iconic Brooklyn view for your wall, purse, bag, or more, INSIDERS1 has you covered. Its line is handmade in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and its items make great gifts that capture the feel, essence, and spirit of the city that never sleeps. See the many accessories, photographs and leather bags here.

Food and Beverage

Morris Kitchen

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Owner and founder Kari knew after graduating from art school that she wanted to create something tangible, tasty, well-packaged, and useful. She found the idea in the simplicity and sweetness of ginger syrup, which started when a simple concept to share good food became the foundation for Morris Kitchen. Over time, Kari’s brand has expanded, and people across the world are sampling Morris Kitchen goods and finding innovative recipes to showcase the cocktail creations Kari makes possible through her company. With a quick pour, shake of the glass and topping of rum, a frothy and tropical mixture speckled with sea salt appears! Get thirsty for a cocktail with her stunning photography, delicious recipes and great online order-ready boxes!


Widow Jane

Widow Jane is a local bourbon distillery, made GMO-free in the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn. Widow Jane continues to strive for perfection and innovation in craft, has expanded holdings to include larger yields of heirloom corn, and in the upcoming years, plans to grow ten times more crops, increase production on non-GMO bourbons and eventually build a new distillery alongside the Widow Jane Mine. Why? To become the world’s first Carbon Neutral Distillery! Read more about the delicious, sustainable bourbon made in Brooklyn here.


JoMart Chocolates

#handdipped and #handdecorated #holiday Rice Krispie treats are available! Custom decorations available upon request!

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JoMart was founded on April 15, 1946, and is one of the oldest stores still in business in Brooklyn. At the time, there were six well-known confectionery shops surrounding its location, which encouraged the founder, Martin, to create something better and fresher than his neighboring competitors. Sixty years have passed, the other shops are long gone, but JoMart’s mission still stands as they serve as one of the oldest chocolate stores in New York City. Born and made in Brooklyn, these sweet confections are as delicious as ever, with special holiday recipes for everyone to love!


Brooklyn Winery

Brighten up this rainy day with wine! Stop by the #winebar or have it delivered with @postmates! 🍷🥂

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This boutique urban winery is set in the heart of Williamsburg, one of the borough’s most vibrant and creative neighborhoods. Winemaker Conor McCormack produces its premium small batch wines, combining the quality of tradition with the freedom of innovation. Tour the winery to learn about how the wines are produced, then settle into the wine bar and sip artisanal wines while indulging in some seasonal treats and delicious dishes. In need of last minute wines in Brooklyn for the holidays? Check if you are within the delivery radius for Brooklyn Winery on Postmates! Check the Brooklyn Winery website for tour hours.



Aunt Butchies of Brooklyn

Aunt Butchie’s is a cafe on one side and dining room on the other, with a stunning, partially-open kitchen. Breads, cookies, cakes, and pastries line a wall near the main entrance, and the opposite side of the cafe has a colorful array of prepared food platters behind a sleek showcase. With the ability to host 120 people for private parties, Aunt Butchie’s is not only a cafe, but a full service restaurant featuring a variety of Italian specialties. Reserve a table or room here!