Foodie Spotlight: Epicurean Nights

Brooklyn is famous for many things, but one of the main things that has put Brooklyn on the map is its growing food scene. From Smorgasburg to secret supper clubs, fad foods like rainbow bagels, ramen burgers, raindrop cakes and, of course, pizza, there is now an interactive food experience coming to Brooklyn.

National Sawdust in Williamsburg will host Epicurean Nights for the first time on February 20 and 21. To find out what this is all about, we decided to interview founder and producer Olivia Chessé.


How did the idea of Epicurean Nights come about?

Well, I’m French and I am an Epicurean! Three years ago I moved to New York from China, and in Shanghai I had the incredible chance to meet Chef Paul Pairet and to experience Ultraviolet Shanghai twice! This is the best culinary experience in my whole life  by far! For a few years I’ve been exploring the culinary and event scene in New York City, and I thought the city that never sleeps needed something that truly does not sleep – a concept that would combine food, music and technology.

So I decided to launch Epicurean Nights, a series of immersive, multi-sensory fine-dining and art experiences. This will be a unique experience with premium food, fantastic wines, cocktails and champagnes, musical performances, video projection and scent diffusion. In a nutshell: a journey through the senses. 


Why this kind of event?

To explore new ways of perceiving taste in a tailored atmosphere. To answer the question: is your perception of taste altered by environmental factors?

In addition, the former executive sous chef of Ultraviolet Shanghai, Chef Frederic Robert, now based in New York, is part of the Epicurean nights team!


If you had to explain what to expect in three words, what would those words be? 

Taste, Excellence, Emotion

What should I expect to taste? 

The cocktail, followed by a seated four course dinner, will transport you into a magical world of subtle, smooth, earthy, creamy tastes, like an enchanted forest. Let the perfume of the truffle, the crispiness of the caviar, the richness of a sauce or the delicacy of white chocolate carry you to another dimension. Every taste is paired with a selected cocktail or wine, a unique musical note, movement and light, every sound is nourished with a culinary sensation…


What should I expect to hear? 

Talented and famous artists. Multi genre music: experimental, Opera, drums and percussion… all amazingly paired with food! Be curious, come and join Epicurean Nights to know what that means!


What should I expect to see?

 Do you want to know everything before? The mystery begins here…