The Ultimate Guide to Brooklyn’s Chocolate

Hot off the conveyor belt, still smelling like sweet hot cocoa, our Brooklyn Chocolate Trail Map has been released just in time for you to go explore the wonderful world of chocolate in Brooklyn for Valentine’s Day!

Embark on your own “chocolate hopping” adventure, fuhgettaboud Hershey’s, and hop on A Slice of Brooklyn’s Chocolate Tour while enjoying a bus ride through chocolate history!

With this list of 12 local chocolatiers, factories, and tasting rooms – which all offer tours or tastings – you will have a great shot at revamping the “give your loved one chocolate for Valentine’s” gifting idea! From sweet and candied to raw and dark chocolates, Brooklyn’s got it all!


Raw Deliciousness

So-called raw chocolate is a minimally-processed cocoa bean turned into a delicious chocolate bar. Sometimes considered a “healthier option,” our truth is that all chocolates are delicious, even if not created equal. The raw form of chocolate really brings out the variety of cocoa bean flavors, making it possible to taste the difference between beans from different parts of the globe. You can visit our friends at Raaka or Fine & Raw for tours of the “bean-to-bar process” and enjoy the amazing chocolates they wrap in colorful, fun, creative and cute wrappers!


Candied Creations

Skip the “standard” chocolate-covered strawberries and surprise your valentine with some more chocolate-covered creations this year. Take your tastebuds for an adventure with the wide variety of chocolate-covered pretzels, nuts, apples, kiwis, oranges, figs and more. So if you want to wow your valentine with something that’s never been seen before, this is your chance. The creative Brooklyn chocolatiers JoMART Chocolates, Li-Lac Chocolates and Liddabit Sweets make everything from cute 3D-esque art and giant chocolate champagne bottles to chocolate covered snacks!


Kosher Sweetness

In addition to the organic, vegan and gluten-free options in this trail map, there is also a delicious variety of Kosher certified chocolate goodness. From light to dark chocolate options at Cacao Prieto to endless varieties of flavors, fill, candy and toppings at Chocolicious, there is enough chocolate in Brooklyn to fulfill your sweetest dreams.


Divine Hot and Cold Cocoa

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Brooklyn has some freezing snow days and boiling hot summers, so of course our chocolatiers have adapted to our fluctuating temperatures. There are enough places in Brooklyn serving up hot chocolate for a whole festival (yep, that already exists), but our favorites are hot chocolate in winter and frozen hot chocolate in summer, served by Jacques Torres in DUMBO.


Beautiful Boxes of Bonbons

Chocolates, truffles, heart-shaped candies, cards and more are signs of love across the world for special days, such as Valentine’s Day. With its sweet message and beautiful presentation, chocolates still make for a great gift! Some of the coolest gift box designs, cutest bonbons and personalized wraps and prints are to be found at Cacao Market and Chocolate Works in Brooklyn!


Brooklyn’s Best Chocolate Cake

New York is known for its cheesecake, but we are pushing the envelope it in Brooklyn with some amazing pastries and more importantly: chocolate cake. The couple behind The Chocolate Room, which, by the way, is as heavenly as it sounds, loved going out for dessert together, and that is how the cafe and chocolate heaven came along. With a layered chocolate cake that gets its very own glass display for its height, beauty and fame (it has its own book, too!), so no one can go wrong with this mouth-watering choice!


*Header photo credit: Jacques Torres

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