Park Slope

BQE Tours: The Brooklyn Queens Experience

Discover dynamic Brooklyn neighborhoods, including DUMBO, Williamsburg, and more, with BQE Tours: The Brooklyn Queens Experience.


Our multilayered neighborhood walking tours in Brooklyn are experiential and educational by design, affording guests far more than just superficial facts and figures. The colorful stories told by our NYC native guide are combined with itineraries centered on cultural encounters, leaving participants enriched by a wealth of information, entertaining memories, deeper appreciation for NYC’s boroughs, and, very likely, a newfound friendship or two!

At BQE Tours, we don’t herd you around like cattle on tour buses, or walk around with a yellow flag held high, pointing at attractions and talking at you. Our tours are small-group affairs, where neighborhoods are intimately explored on foot in the company of fellow like-minded travelers, as the story of the streets, people, culture, and industry is revealed through conversation and immersion.

We bring you to creative community spaces to meet artists, “makers,” shopkeepers, restauranteurs, and other interesting locals, where you’ll experience a behind-the-scenes peek into the very core of these radically transformed borough neighborhoods. Plus, sample some satisfying selections of signature neighborhood food and drink while you’re at it!