Park Slope

Beacon's Closet


All manner of city folk—from 20-something artistes to aging hippies—flock to this cavernous temple of cheap clothes, both to peddle their wares and browse through an extensive selection of used clothing, accessories, and CDs. Prospective sellers line up with bags of fashion from last season (or the last century), hoping to win the favorable nod of Beacon's choosy buyers, who offer a 35 percent cash exchange or 55 percent store credit. For shoppers on a budget—and Williamsburg bar bands—the store stocks ample basics, like vintage Levi's, ironic T-shirts, and relatively inexpensive flirty dresses; larger pieces, like winter coats and leather jackets are available, too. Unlike many thrift stores, Beacon's regular influx of fashion-savvy patrons makes affordable designer finds a fairly common occurrence; recent footwear scores included a pair of Miu Miu platforms and vintage Givenchy boots. — Carolyn Murnick


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