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Brooklyn Attitude... across the bridge was established in 1997 by licensed tour guide Eliot Niles.(That's me.) I began offering Brooklyn tours in 1992, adding them to the standard Manhattan tours, which I still conduct. I set out to present tourists with a part of New York they seldom see--away from the skyscrapers and fancy stores. They were thrilled to see the City in a new perspective. Soon after, I realized that many New Yorkers don't even know our City across the bridge. After several years of trying unsuccessfully to persuade tour operators to add Brooklyn in their program, I decided to go directly to the people. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.(See quotes) Brooklyn Attitude has been featured on television, radio, and guidebooks: locally, nationally, and internationally. We are proud members of the Brooklyn Tourism Council, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, and the professional Guides Association of New York. Our guides are all professionally licensed; like me, they either grew up in Brooklyn, or lived an important part of their lives here. And lemme tellya : we all got a Brooklyn Attitude.