Di Fara Pizzeria


Imagine pizza so incredibly delicious that New Yorkers and tourists-in-the-know happily stand in line for three hours to get a pie or even just a slice. What’s the secret to such devotion? Dom DeMarco’s mouthwatering, award-winning pies are carefully handcrafted using closely guarded recipes and quality imported ingredients.

Domenico De Marco, or "Dom", opened Di Fara Pizza in 1965 after emigrating to Brooklyn from the Province of Caserta in Italy. Before Di Fara Pizza, Dom spent time working on a Huntington farm until someone told him about a "good spot" on Avenue J in Brooklyn. That "good spot" is now known as the best pizzeria in New York City. Each pie is hand crafted by the master himself, Dom, who spent over 40 years perfecting his pizza. With several of his children supporting him in the kitchen, this legend cooks up to 150 pies every day. Many of the ingredients are imported from Italy and forms a taste that can't be replicated.


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