Park Slope



Looking for a great getaway within 500 miles of NYC, Boston, Philadelphia or Washington D.C.? We all could use a bit of R & R and a break from the rut! Make your escape through the net with!

By the time you do all of the research, make the phone calls, and buy a weekending book your nerves are shot! Some of us don't have a car—and those of us who do, hate being stuck in traffic. Public transportation-friendly destinations are important! So leave it up to us!

Our online guide does all the groundwork for you. We'll tell you about all the great places to go in the Northeast! We will personally review towns, suggest activities and points of interest to make the most of your trip and your budget!

With our Escapemaker feature, you'll be able to select a variety of places to go (based on whatever you're in the mood for), create a personal itinerary, and print it out. You'll have all the prices, directions, travel tips, phone numbers, and website addresses at your fingertips!