Bay Ridge

Ho' Brah

Ho'Brah: A prelude to describing something intense or amazing.


When the fish market on 3rd Avenue and 87th Street in Bay Ridge became available our first thought was 'Mexican.' We considered opening a no frills scoop and serve type joint specializing in fast, casual, traditional Mexican food. Once we saw how many of those types of places were opening all over New York City and beyond we soon changed our minds. Tasked with brainstorming to find a better option, we began throwing out words based on what we loved best about Mexican food. 'Bright flavors and fresh ingredients' were popular choices and soon morphed into 'healthy lifestyle, summer, sun, and surf' as we shared tales of favorite taco joints we'd visited on vacations around the world. Small taco trucks on the Mexican border in San Diego; wood paneled surf-taco joints yards from the ocean in Florida; medium sized taco emporiums in Hawaii; and one truly shanty fish shack turned taco stand on the Gulf Coast were our muses. With this inspiration Ho'Brah Tacos was born."


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