InLove magazine

INLOVE magazine is a concept born of the positive examples of life expressed through love, beauty and cultural arts, exposing the ever-loving side of a human soul.


InLove magazine celebrates cultural diversity through art, fashion, style and entertainment—enhancing quality of life through association and openness to ideas, valuable stories and people from around the globe. InLove is international cultural-arts and fashion publication, designed in cutting-edge style and quality and presented both digitally and in print.

InLove headquarters are situated in the edgy, hipster part of Brooklyn—Williamsburg—and in homage to this multicultural hub, we feature Brooklyn’s best. We successfully unite artistic and business circles around common values, fostering a global community in the United States and worldwide. The bursts of creativity reflected in our inspirational articles, awe-inspiring stories and editorials enlighten our readers. Our features on lifestyle and fashion trends, as well as new and creative ideas, aim to positively contribute towards spreading charity and good will.

InLove emphasizes and honors the cultural projects аnd institutions that make New York a hub of dynamic energy. We seek to shed light on the trends which reveal original, unique stories that ignite our imagination with valuable insight. We are in love with culinary diversity, beauty trends, dance icons, music artists and all the people around the world who help make this world a better place. We are a significant voice in fashion, design and hot destinations inspired by the spirit of New York аnd all around the world.

Our vision is based on serving a specific niche market with an identified target audience; it assists our mission of meeting industry standards and increasing our followers. Our loyal readers in the U.S.A., Canada and worldwide ardently await each new issue, and with it we always exceed their expectations.

Twice a year, we organize an officially sanctioned Fashion Week Event called InLove Fashion Destination —a leading fashion week platform dedicated to the discovery and promotion of innovative independent fashion, accessory and jewelry designers. The event offered the opportunity for emerging and established talents to excel creatively and gain worldwide recognition. We have a commitment to help emerging talent in the arts, dance, music and film industries, as well as to continuously feature their amazing stories and exclusive interviews.
InLove is a global influencer, displaying artistic integrity and originality while highlighting the performing arts, fashion, beauty and philanthropy as an international tastemaker. Our multi-talented, editor-in-chief Elena Vasilevsky doubles as a fashion curator-stylist, creating the most diverse and cutting-edge fashion stories alongside the InLove editorial team.

Continuing the tradition of InLove, we present everything that inspires a fascinating life and peace on this earth, as we believe that everything done for the sake of culture is against the war.
InLove magazine, through partial magazine sales аnd fundraising events, supports аnd contributes to Sublimitas, a 501(c)(3) organization, which helps orphans in Ukraine by inspiring and empowering children and youth to develop their potential through education.
“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” Friedrich Nietzsche.