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Welcome to Juliana’s, a New York-style pizzeria. Juliana’s heralds the return of Patsy & Carol Grimaldi—not only to the NYC restaurant scene, but to the original location under the Brooklyn Bridge where they founded Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. Unbeknownst to many, Pat & Carol ended their association with Grimaldi’s more than a decade ago when they sold the business (along with the name) to a customer. Even though they were no longer involved in the restaurant, they never lost their passion for serving (and eating) truly great pizza. And so, after many requests from friends and former customers—and a desire to re-live a “dream come true”—they have partnered with a long-time collaborator to establish Juliana’s, a neighborhood pizzeria, preparing and serving pies the way Patsy has for generations. Named in honor of Pat’s mother, Maria ‘Juliana’ Lancieri, Juliana’s will occupy 19 Old Fulton Street, in the Fulton Ferry Historic District, in the building that was once home to Grimaldi’s.

Who is ‘Juliana’?

Juliana’s is affectionately named in honor of Patsy’s mother, Maria ‘Juliana’ Lancieri Grimaldi. Juliana was born in Melfi, Italy, the youngest child of Domenico and Amalia Lancieri. She had three older brothers: Luigi, Franco and Pasquale. In the early 1900s, the family emigrated to the U.S. and settled in New York City. In 1925, Pasquale (by then known as ‘Patsy’) and his wife, Carmella, opened a pastry shop on First Avenue in Manhattan. In 1933, they converted the bakery to a pizzeria and restaurant, which is known today as the famous Patsy’s Pizzeria, still in its original East Harlem location.


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