K.S. J.A.M.M. Dance Troupe


K.S. J.A.M.M. Dance Troupe was founded in 1988, at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, by Kashani Stokley and his youth counselor Stan Morse. Mr. Morse encouraged Kashani at the age of 12, to share his passion for dance with other youth in the community. The Troupe's name was established in 1994, by taking the first initial of each of the original members’ name:
K.ashani S.helly J.aphia A.frica M.alesha M.elanie

K.S. J.A.M.M. Dance Troupe is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization whose mission is to provide youth and young adults from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with a means of self-expression and self-development through exceptional dance, choreography and costuming.

3 brand new fully-equipped dance studios that are column free, feature wood floors. portable ballet barres, audio and video equipment, heating, air-conditioning, tables and chairs. Studios are available for meetings, classes, rehearsals, children's parties & baby showers.

Guest Capacity, Seated and Standing: 100
Square Footage: 1,900
Number of Party Rooms: 3


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11a - 4p6p - 8p6p - 9p6p - 10p7p - 9p6p - 9p12p - 6p