Bay Ridge

Kaleidoscope Toy Store


Kaleidoscope, rated by Daily News as the # 1 Toy store in New York. A member of ASTRA retail organization and a community evangelist recognized by local schools, corporations, and media.

Since the opening day in 1999 Kaleidoscope has grown into a leader within the toy retail industry. As a young business, Kaleidoscope is committed to consistent customer experience, exceeding every expectation. While harnessing educational experience, Kaleidoscope offers creative and educational toys for kids of all ages.

"We help parents leverage their limited resources while bridging the gap between the living generations across the globe. Our purpose is to serve as your personal filter to minimize over saturated toy market and provide a positive, but underwhelming shopping experience. Most importantly we hope our toy and game selection helps parents increase overall engagement and will cultivate social skills." - Inna & Paul, Owners since 2009


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