Sunset Park

Kulu Desserts


Kulu desserts was established in August 2011.

The idea of our business is to bring in a new concept about desserts.

We provide Crepes, Bubble Tea, and Asian Fusion Desserts, such as Hong Kong style Sweet Soups, combination of ice cream, fresh fruits, pudding, and herbal jelly.


Desserts is not always about baking, frozen, or refrigerated, what we do here is to mix and match with daily fresh ingredients. Our products consider healthy and fresh, most traditional desserts contain high calories, but what we make can fulfill your desire for sweet, and still keep you healthy. When people first come in, most of them have no idea what are we selling, like what!? Asian Fusion Desserts!?

Well, I would say, just give it a try, and you will definitely come back again.


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