Oh! Nuts


Step inside an Oh! Nuts shop and face a welcome assault of smells and color. From walls lined with clear plastic bins, a kaleidescope of candies beckons, each sweeter and brighter than the last. While the stores do a thriving business in custom and advance orders—gift baskets, boxed chocolates, even tiny chocolate brides and grooms for wedding favors—shoppers linger among the bins and baskets, choosing from an impressive variety of salt and sweet. (Small bags are stashed between the bins, for mix and match selections.) Pistachios Turkish and Californian; pecans from the States and from China; dried kiwi fruit; rock candy on a swizzle stick; imported chocolates; and every kind of gummi, sour, and jelly bean confection known to humanity jostle for attention. Old-fashioned novelties, like candy buttons and necklaces, are here, too, along with color-coded chocolate cigars, halvah-dusted pretzels, sugared almonds, and exotica like roasted watermelon seeds. The store's retail outlets cater to the bustling Modern Orthodox community, which traditionally celebrates life's happy milestones with kosher sweets. But online shoppers will find bargains in the bulk-priced nuts and candy, as well as generous gift baskets and dried-fruit-and-nut platters. Caveat emptor: Do not enter an Oh! Nuts with a child under the age of 12 and think for an instant that you'll escape empty-handed. — Aaron Rasmussen


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