Clinton Hill



Peck's has a wonderful backyard that has hosted many events in the past four years. The venue has hosted special book launch dinners for 50 and have had small weddings and birthday parties. It is an outdoor venue that allows you to enjoy the weather. A real unique part of the backyard is the 50-foot mural adoring the 30-foot high brick wall. You need to see it. 

Peck's is a neighborhood prepared foods and specialty market serving Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. We serve quality coffee, house-made baked goods, sought-after breakfast sandwiches, matzo ball soup, rotisserie chicken, prepared vegetables, and other savories. The shop also stocks domestic and imported charcuterie, cheeses, and craft beer.


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9a - 6p7a - 8p7a - 8p7a - 8p7a - 8p7a - 8p8a - 8p