Russell Janis


Welcome to Russell Janis, our project space and design store, both online and in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

With our new venture, we set a goal for ourselves: invent a fresh way of designing, making and organizing special product for the home, for wearing, for hanging on the walls. Drawing on our decades as Brooklyn-based, visual artists we utilize art-based ideas with an outward-facing approach, using what we are good at. Our projects and limited edition products have as their primary ingredient the flavor of our art life in Brooklyn, our experience in our design ventures while raising our family. Blending art and commerce, unique, beautiful, a distillation.

We have always enjoyed a curatorial approach to retailing. We love the things that play on memories, experiences and emotions, from traditional, modern and the new. In the 1950′s, Sidney Janis was one of the pioneering modern art dealers in New York. My first name is the same as his last, a wink to those who remember.

Hope you will enjoy… — Janis


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