Taco Chulo

Handmade Mexican Food since 2005


TACO CHULO (which translates roughly as "handsome taco," "cool taco" or "taco pimp") offers homemade Mexican popular food, with special attention to quality of ingredients and to pronounced flavor, allowing you to "pimp" or accessorize your meal exactly how you want it.

We prepare our tacos from tortillas made by hand every day, according to the traditions of our ancestors. We are a dying breed and the wave of the future. Every item we prepare is made by hand, no short-cuts, according to time-held community beliefs about how to maintain its culinary integrity. We believe the quality of our food reflects the time we put into making our tortillas, our salsas, our pickles, our meats, and our vegetables from scratch.

Taco Chulo makes food from the Mexican diaspora; not only the food and flavors from Mexico, but from California, Colorado, Texas, and beyond. Traditional barbacoa, fresh fish tacos, and green chile can all be smothered in Chile con Queso (not that we recommend it!)

We spend as much time on our drinks as our food. Our horchata is made in-house and our margaritas are made from fresh lime juice we squeeze ourselves. We carry brands of tequila we love to drink and make cocktails we're excited about.

We may hail from Mexico, California, and Texas, but Taco Chulo is happy to be part of the ever-changing but always vibrant neighborhood of Williamsburg. We love our customers who live around the corner and welcome those who travel by bike, train, and plane to visit us.


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