Teddy's Bar and Grill

Williamsburg's Oldest Bar and Grill


Teddy's Bar & Grill is the oldest continually-operated bar in all of Brooklyn. Located at the corner of Berry and North 8th Streets in Williamsburg, there has been a bar operating in this space since 1887! Originally a local family-owned Irish tavern, it later became a tasting room for the Peter Doelger Brewery in the early 1910's. 

The curved copper and wood exterior facade still has the original stained glass window with the name Peter Doelger Extra Beer. The physical bar, most of the tile flooring and much of the woodwork is original from the 1887 period. 

It changed hands a few more times, finally landing with namesake Teddy, and his wife Mary Prusik, who purchased the location and renamed in Teddy's Bar in the 1950's. They operated it until 1987 when it was sold to new owners, who then added a kitchen and a dining room in the old carriage. 

Over the decades, Teddy's has been a hub in North Brooklyn for political, artistic and social gatherings. 

Fun Facts:

In the early 1900's John Patrick West, father of the infamous Hollywood star Mae West, lived in one of the apartments above Teddy's. It is rumored that Mae lived here as well.

In 1988, Brooklyn Brewery delivered it's first case of what is now their signature beer, Brooklyn Lager, to Teddy's front door. 


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