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Turnstile Tours

Tours along the Brooklyn waterfront based on in-depth research and community partnerships, including culinary tours of Brooklyn's

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Turnstile Tours offers one-of-a-kind public and private guided tours of lesser-known places and stories of New York City, built around rigorous research and in partnership with various nonprofit organizations and local businesses. We offer tours along the Brooklyn waterfront, including a range of historical and industrial tours at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, tours of the Brooklyn Army Terminal and boat tours of the military, manufacturing and ecological history of New York Harbor. We also highlight the food communities of NYC on a tour of Brooklyn's "Avenue of Puerto Rico" and Moore Street Market, as well as Manhattan-based Food Cart Tours.

In addition to developing tours, we also offer consulting services in areas related to research, accessibility, and tour development and delivery, and seek to craft a variety of public programs and exhibits.

All of our guides are engaged behind-the-scenes in ongoing research, archival and field-based, to ensure that the tours we offer are relevant, dynamic, entertaining, and thoughtful.

We are so very grateful to the many people and institutions that have made our work possible.