Bay Ridge

Alexandra Ferguson


How we got started

Alexandra’s handmade holiday gift project the winter of 2008 were felt appliqued
pillows with material made from recycled plastic bottles.

They were a blast to make, and pillow recipients were delighted. Not one to ignore a
passionate ‘call to action,’ Alexandra opened her eponymous shop on Etsy in January
2009. With a background in fashion, managing sample rooms for some of New
York’s top designers, she had the experience and know-how to take a design from
concept to production-ready on the showroom floor. It was time to put her
unstoppable work ethic behind her own name. Sales took off quickly and by
April, Etsy asked her to be a Featured Seller on their home page. That was when she
realized she might have a viable company on her hands.

Bold typography and fresh sassy phrases such as “Be Nice or Leave” are the
cornerstone of the brand today. Good advice pillows suggest that you “Call Your
Mother” and “Go to the Gym.” “The Good Life” reminds you to celebrate everyday.
“No Whining” helps you to establish house rules. “Let’s Make Out” keeps it spicy
with your loved one, no matter how many years you have been together.
Die-cut letters are arranged on the pillow with an exacting ruler, and edge stitched
down by hand. Alexandra is still very much hands on with making the product
today, but is also proud to be able to support her local community in New York by
employing some incredible talents to work with her to support growing demand. See the products being made and check out the factory here!

Since she started, Alexandra has been able to expand her commitment to using eco-friendly
materials by not only continuing to use 100% recycled felt, but also
including a recycled polyfill insert (also from plastic bottles) as well as a
hemp/organic cotton canvas material option. Recognizing that this is a good start,
but that the planet needs more help than this, Alexandra is actively involved with
The Nature Conservancy, donating both physical and financial resources to the

Over six years later, she is recognized as one of Etsy’s best sellers, and the brand is carried
in more than 700 stores in the US as well as in Japan, England, Australia, Mexico, and
Germany to name a few. Her pillows have been featured on the Today show, The New
York Times, House Beautiful, Shape, Real Simple, Coastal Living and Apartment
Therapy, along with countless blogs. Her great passion in life is domestic manufacturing and is committed to championing this growing movement. True Foodies, in her spare time she travels with her husband Matt in search of the most delicious local cuisines around the world.