Downtown Brooklyn

Body Stuff


Body Stuff is a labor of love, filled with fun, creativity, experimentation and even some fed-upness.

Our mission is to join the awesome movement of makers and small-batch producers, bringing it to you.

​Imagine a world where you buy all your body care stuff locally and you know the people behind it.

You can trust that it was made a few days, maybe a few weeks ago. Well, you do live in this world, how lucky.

The philosophy
When we say NO BS we mean:
We believe:
-AUTHENTICITY: pure means pure, organic means organic, handmade means handmade.
-SIMPLICITY: you don't need to apply a dozen products on your body every day. A few good ones are enough.
-TRANSPARENCY: you should know that what goes onto your body is good stuff.
-SUSTAINABILITY: our bodies and the Planet are polluted enough with chemicals. ENOUGH.

Body Stuff has no hidden ingredients, no BS.