CHISA Art Jewelry


For more than a decade, Chisa, a Brooklyn-based artist, has created innovative, stunning, handcrafted jewelry collections. Her work has been exhibited and sold across Asia, Europe, and the United States. Born in Japan, Chisa draws inspiration from both modern conceptual design and traditional hand-weaving techniques. Using an array of forms, colors, textures, and materials, each piece has a distinct identity and aspires to be a classic and wearable piece of art. Uniting the work is a harmonious expression of Chisa’s philosophical, spiritual, and aesthetic values. Her most wide-acclaimed exhibitions, CoCo Collection and CoCo Pearl, are now on display.

The fusion of conceptual innovation and traditionally elegant aesthetic principles is clearly on display in her most popular collections: CoCo Collection and CoCo Pearl. Using ancient and little known hand weaving techniques, each piece’s structure, appearance, and design seek to seamlessly harmonize with the wearer’s personal style. By employing these original methods, Chisa is able to create elaborate yet playful forms, with an unsurpassed attention to detail.

This collection takes its inspiration from the pre-industrial world of hand made objects. Before automated machinery, weaving was a fundamental part of nearly every human society. This is a foundational aspect of the CoCo collection: a reconnection with the lost world of hand weaving. The CoCo Pearl collection is comprised of truly exceptional pieces. The pearls are able to move freely inside larger hand-woven spheres and cubes. This gives the pieces an unmatched and exquisite intricacy. In nature, no two things are exactly the same—the pieces in this collection seek to express that vast and subtle diversity.

Chisa also makes one of a kind work—her highly intimate pieces make one peerless gifts for any special occasion.