Red Hook

Katherine Forst Mosaics



We are committed to bringing the ancient art of mosaic to modern contexts, without compromising the craftsmanship and rich artistic style developed and passed down through the ages.

This involves the painstaking use of traditional materials and techniques, such as hand-cutting tesserae (mosaic pieces) with the hammer and hardie, and use of the highest quality stone from all over the world and smalti (mosaic glass) fabricated in Italy using centuries-old recipes. In addition to classical Roman and Byzantine mosaics, our stylistic inspiration includes Baroque still lives, ancient frescoes, and pattern design from all over the world.

Services Offered

Mosaic design
Surface design
Stone mosaic production
Smalti (Italian mosaic glass) mosaic production
Mosaic installation
Mosaic restoration
Ancient mosaic reproduction
Fine art commissions
Mosaic consulting