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La Newyorkina was started in 2010 by Fany Gerson, after a long trip to her native Mexico to write her first book “My Sweet Mexico” she returned to New York wanting to share and celebrate the amazing frozen treats & sweets of Mexico.

Everything we make is handmade from scratch in small batches, using the best ingredients we can get our hands on and never use any artificial flavorings or colorings.

We carefully source our ingredients and work closely with farmers in NY and nearby to get our delicious organic dairy, seasonal fruits and herbs. Other ingredients that simply don’t grow or can’t be found around New York like the Mexican vanilla bean, Oaxacan chocolate, tamarind, some dried chiles, passion fruit and hibiscus are imported, but we spend a lot of time and care making sure we get the best ingredients available and work with small producers in Mexico as we believe its very important to support them as well.

From the beginning we have been commitment to social and environmental responsibility and continuously strive to become a waste free company. We compost our scraps, use recycled containers and napkins and source much of our packaging locally.

We are also very proud to support a wonderful organization called Crea and donate a portion of our sales to them.
Crea helps generate employment opportunities in Mexico for low-income women. These women are amazing and a continuous inspiration.

To put it simply, the heart and mission of La Newyorkina is to share the delicious sweetness of Mexico and rich culture. We deeply and sincerely hope that you enjoy its sweetness as much as we do!

Fany Gerson

Is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA); considered one of the country’s most authoritative voices on Mexican confections she has been featured in the New York Times, Gourmet, Fine Cooking, Saveur Magazine, Daily Candy, and New York magazine, among others. Fany has worked in a range of fine-dining kitchens around the world including 3 Michelin starred Akelare in Spain and Eleven Madison

Park in New York. She has written 2 Books, My Sweet Mexico (nominated for a James beard award 2010 for best baking and pastry cookbook) and Paletas, and is in the Process of writing her third.

How it all started

After spending a year traveling through out Mexico doing research for her first cookbook My Sweet Mexico, Fany returned to New York with the idea of sharing the amazing flavors she had re-discovered in her travels.

Without an exact idea of the kind of shop she wanted to have she decided to start small and see what happened.

One morning, she woke up and knew what it was going to be; it would be an ice cream shop! (With the help of her dear friend Hannah who helped out for the summer) she began her journey making paletas and selling them at the Hester street fair, which also opened the summer 2010.

The idea was to start with these delicious Mexican Ice pops because they represent the frozen treat in Mexico. Every little town has at least one paletería (paleta shops) and to Mexicans, paletas are like gelatos to Italians, a delicious and integral part of the culture.

Getting started wasn’t as easy as she thought and getting basic things like the molds proved to be quite a challenge but all the hard work has been worth it.

La Newyorkina has expanded from one cart to several ones and our paletas are also found in many more places. With the incredible help of a hard working and amazing team, She has been fortunate enough to keep on creating and be able to share these treats with many more people.

Now the next phase begins, Fany has created an amazing line of old fashioned Mexican confections and we are ready to share them with the world!


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