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Lucia Pearl Jewelry


Lucia "Lucy" Perluck loves to make...

What she makes are mostly wearables. Lucy lives in Brooklyn and is inspired by tacky party decorations, clever mechanisms, and the outrageous fashions that color New York City.
Lucy is a native of Providence, RI (at one time the costume jewelry capital of the world!) After enrolling in a metalsmithing class at Rhode Island School of Design and spending her senior year of high school apprenticing with a local jewelry artist, Lucy relocated to Philadelphia to attend Tyler School of Art where she received her BFA in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM. Her academic experience included traditional bench practices and strongly encouraged the use of Computer Aided Design in 3-D object making.

Regarding the portfolio work she created during this time Lucy once stated:

“I like to approach my work as a problem-solver. When designing jewelry objects, I begin by exploring the unique or unusual ways in which the piece could be worn, questioning what the piece could provide for the wearer apart from its aesthetic qualities. I challenge myself to look beyond the conventions of everyday jewelry by incorporating clever mechanisms in my designs that encourage the wearer to interact with the piece in more ways than one.” (Perluck 2010)

Since graduating from Tyler, Lucy has been employed in the fashion industry and with studio jewelers in NYC, while also maintaining her own artistic practice. Her intentions as a student continue to inspire some of her current works, as do the experiences she has had abroad as an artist in residence, and her surroundings at home in Brooklyn. Launched in 2014, Lucia Pearl Jewelry blends fashion with contemporary design to offer unique jewelry pieces that are smart, elegant, versatile, and completely handmade.