Sheepshead Bay



Rachel and I met at party and started dating. She kept quiet for a long time as she brushed my beard dandruff time and time again off her favorite chocolate colored couch. Then one day, eying my itchy beard, she said, Barry, I can fix that!” That’s how it started and now we are crafting the best beard care products and helping guys grow and enjoy happy, healthy beards. Our beard oil & balm, beard shampoo & wax come in variety of subtly scented lines to support the bearded lifestyle. We use pure, natural and organic ingredients that moisturize, replenish, soothe and stimulate. All our beard care products are infused with 100% natural therapeutic grade essential oils to provide true aromatherapy benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. We are 100 % vegan and use 100% recyclable packaging.. At OneDTQ we are passionate about helping you grow an itch-free beard, tame those facial whiskers, and look and feel your best.