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Riva Precision Manufacturing is a vertically integrated jewelry design facility, located in the heart of New York City. We retain a reliable and consistent manufacturing process that is located all under one roof, ensuring excellent quality and service.Our mission is to honor God through our service, process and product excellence along with a vision to become the leader in every industry we pursue while serving our customers, suppliers and employees.

As part of an all-inclusive service, our master metal smiths and artisans will work until perfection on a piece of jewelry. Casting, stamping, rapid prototyping, chain making, enamel, and polishing are a sampling of what we do. Working in all the precious metals-sterling silver, gold and platinum, our experience guarantees your satisfaction. In order to provide excellent service and flawless execution we know we must understand & anticipate our customer’s needs and concerns. We will hear you because we are listening.

Riva has made a conscious, thorough effort to stay conservation minded, environmentally driven to reduce our carbon footprint, and to stay true to an ethical responsibility. These principles are part of our DNA.

Join the many companies choosing to work with Riva Precision today and understand why Riva is a respected authority on jewelry manufacturing.


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