Jump, Soar, Land... Made it!


SCOSHA is a New York-based jewelry collection mixing precious and semi-precious materials in unexpected, colorful ways. Drawing its inspiration from the travels of its founder, SCOSHA offers jewelry meant to be worn with love for a lifetime by men, women and children.
Australian-born designer and artist Scosha Woolridge draws inspiration from her experiences traveling the world. After selling her designs in the sand dunes of Northern Brazil, Woolridge decided to take journey on an illegal cargo boat venturing down the Amazon River, to witness where the salt water merged with fresh water, where pink dolphins and Amazonians roamed. It was this journey that would eventually lead her north to America. After settling in Brooklyn, she created her first Scosha piece from the memory of a young girl in India whose ears were newly pierced with a hot pink thread and accented with a single tiny gold bead. The use of textile being attached to the body, and combining it with precious metals and stones, struck Woolridge as the perfect balance. "If I couldn't take her with me, I wanted to take her ears and put them in my back pack" says Woolridge; it was from this original concept that became her signature braided bracelet, with a tiny accent bead that could fit any one anywhere on the planet.
In 2010, Scosha opened her first Williamsburg storefront - home also to her in-house production team of artisans - at 64 Grand Street. All Scosha pieces are meticulously handcrafted using ancient techniques for metalsmithing, stone setting and weaving techniques.
In 2013, Scosha launched her Fine Jewelry Capsule Collection, offering for the first time, highly sought-after 14 and 18-karat interpretations of her own unique and playful vision. “This has since become a playground for more custom ceremonial, and sentimental pieces," she says.
In April 2015, Scosha launched Little Scosha, a kids rendering of select adult styles, created in honor of her most constant source of inspiration: her own children. Shortly there after, in August 2015 Scosha was admitted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). Strengthening the influence and success of American Fashion Designers in the global economy, she is honored to be a part of this journey with 39 other amazing brands. To learn more about the CFDA, click here.
For the coming Rio 2016 Olympics, Scosha will be making the jewelry worn by all the USA athletes for the opening and closing ceremony. This a great honor for her to be selected for this project, Brazil being the very beginnings of her more intricate woven designs.
SCOSHA is sold globally in more than 125 select department and specialty stores, and is a favorite amongst the press. Woolridge has, through the diversity of her collection, collaborated with US designers such as Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco and Robert Geller. The brand, and its namesake designer, is committed to an authentic point of view of environmental, social, and personal awareness.
“Where adventures begin...”