Tortilleria Chinantla


Tortilleria Chinantla conducts its operations in Brooklyn, NY, are manufacturers and distributors of corn and wheat tortillas and other related products.

The initial strategy was to focus Tortilleria Chinantla to major tortilla consumption areas in the Northwest US and provide the best authentic Mexican tortillas, which allowed us to grow to become one of the largest producers of tortilla brand. Our products are currently distributed in more than 11 states in the US Northwest.

The two main segments of tortilla products are Tortilleria Chinantla of retailers and 'food service'. The retail market comprises mainly supermarkets, small independent shops and convenience stores, while customers 'food service' include major chain restaurants, food distributors and large distributors.

Tortilleria Chinantla produces and distributes the following products; chips, blue tortilla and tortilla taquerita table tortilla.

Our plant is strategically located in Brooklyn, NY, gives a wide distribution coverage in the Northwest.