Downtown Brooklyn

Brooklyn Industries


It started with messenger bags designed with recycled billboard material in a Williamsburg warehouse and developed into a visionary brand dedicated to environmental preservation and a commitment to sustainable design.

Although officially co-founded in 1998 by artist Lexy Funk and her partner, the authentic roots of Brooklyn Industries date back to 1991, in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Connecticut’s Wesleyan University in 1991, Funk began searching for a way to make a living through her creative endeavors, and ultimately paused in New York where she met her partner who was fervently pursuing the same. The idea was to LIVE, WORK, CREATE, and develop a workplace culture
of creativity and independence.

Finding inspiration from a vinyl billboard found in a dumpster, Funk and her partner began making recycled billboard messenger bags in an effort to design something unique, practical and innovative for the community. They moved into a one-story 3,000 sq ft factory in Williamsburg with a roof big enough to clean and cut billboards. It was then that they sketched the view of Greenpoint and Manhattan from the factory rooftop that would become the iconic Brooklyn Industries skyline logo.


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