Crown Heights

Franklin Park


Southpaw co-owner Matt Roff's casual and smartly done-up beer garden is a first in unlikely Crown Heights. Two globed lights mounted above a wrought iron entranceway beckon patrons into the enormous, red-walled courtyard. Droves of friends order in pizza, and light up along long picnic tables, while smaller parties fend for steel patio furniture. A raised garage door in the back of the garden leads to a small, intriguing indoor bar—Oreo marble cheesecake patterns on the floor, daffodil-shaped sconces hanging from an unfinished ceiling, and the wall-papered in the back is screen-printed with a retro black-and-white scene of men playing soccer. The welcoming staff is well-versed in the 12 microbrews on tap and a strong selection of top-shelf bourbons and scotch. Enjoy a single-malt at one of the small darkly-lacquered tables along the navy-blue banquette, or have a waitress deliver it to you outside if you don’t want to miss the party. — Rob Fischer


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