Cobble Hill

Staubitz Market


A dirty floor isn’t usually an encouraging sign in a food shop, but in the case of the Staubitz Market, the sawdust sprinkled across the linoleum is a deliberate nod to the past. Perhaps in 1917, the butchery's inaugural year, the dust served its original purpose of soaking up drippings and concealing odors. Years later, other than the floor, this family-run business is spic and span (and odor-free), and now gourmet vinegars and sauces share front window space alongside salami. History is also honored by the Staubitz family's tradition of handpicking only the freshest and most flavorful meat. Holiday turkeys and hams are neighborhood favorites, and the store also stocks such international specialties as English bangers as well as less familiar game meats, including venison, wild boar, ostrich, and buffalo. Cold cuts shine: An exceptional sandwich lies in waiting made with herb-encrusted turkey and smoked ham piled high on slices of Amy's Bread, which is available in a few varieties. Caviar, prepackaged sausages, frozen appetizers, and chef’s secrets like veal stock round out a selection eclectic enough to make even a hard-core Whole Foods junkie drool with envy. — Justin Hartung


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